pour me up that DPL meme thread

Top 2 Reasons why Shima_is_abit_decent FELL OFF....
Shima was the most dominent player of gen9ou in 2024 under the alias dlticihbst but he fell off. heres why.

2. He didn't think about eviolite murkrow? :trode:(REAL) Yep
Indeed, he didn't think about eviolite murkrow. remember that DWCOP final game where SHIMA lost to manaphy? Thats bc he didn't use eviolite murkrow on his team..:trode:Murkrow actually won there because its prankster taunt, but no he used tornadus. Reject tornadus return to murkrow. If he used murkrow instead of tornadus he wouldn't have lost as much i think. The reason why is because his ladder team was really weak against trick room. If only insomnia murkrow could block the spore from amoonguss!:smogthink:

1, Das a Toilet
Shima started losing a lot after his encounter with the pelipper named das a toilet. For context Shima's last name is DAS so it was very rude to be called a toilet.
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My name is Idyll. I'm on the Lavaridge Droughts and am satisfied with my team's performance. The DOU Council has been excellent at keeping the SV DOU metagame healthy as could be, and they never commit tiering mishaps such as trying to make Magearna legal. There were never any plans for a Power Rankings article in DPL X.


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